Inside the GENOME

Myriad Live - Let's Talk Equity in Breast Cancer and Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

September 19, 2022 Myriad Oncology Season 2 Episode 19
Inside the GENOME
Myriad Live - Let's Talk Equity in Breast Cancer and Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment
Show Notes

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From Me to Everyone 10:35 AM 

Welcome, everyone, to today's Myriad Live! We have two special guests for you today. We encourage you to unmute yourself to ask questions. If you cannot, please feel free to send your questions directly to me in the chat and I will be sure to get them answered for you. ENJOY! 

From Me to Everyone 10:47 AM 

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From Me to Everyone 11:05 AM 

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From Me to Everyone 11:07 AM 

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From Amanda McBay to Everyone 11:09 AM 

many friends have said they don't talk about cancer in their family - are there any cultural publications on this? 

but PCP not acting on it is another barrier.. 

From Andrew Alfonso to Everyone 11:13 AM 

Like you shared already - going through GC training in the south, it w